Thursday, August 7, 2008

Wow! Instead of counting down - I’m counting up!

Here I am on the end of not only my 29th year, but my last day of being 29 and I feel like there should be something monumental in my head. I looked for some Turning 30 sort of birthday songs and there was one by TimMcGraw that I liked - although it did have to do with our lives slowing down etc., it seemed like 30 means it is time to stop and smell the flowers - but he did have some busy years in his 20s. But all I could find generally had to do with settling down or having your wife and kids and house. And again, don't have those. And I am . . . almost . . . okay with that. :)

So the last wise thoughts of my 29th year. Here goes:

I have learned that you can't undo the things you've done, so you should be thoughtful with your choices. Sometimes you (I) get second chances - and you should (I should) relally know what a blessing that is. Love IS real and possible. There is hope in almost any situation - even when there isn't. People are so strong and you are too. Kids make me so happy AND drive me crazy.

I am glad my 20s are over. I mean there is this part of me that says: NO! Not yet! But generally it is not only a new year, but a whole new decade. Time for the first number in my age to change over. I made a lot of mistake in my 20s and though I am sure I will make plenty in my 30s, I have learned from what I have done - who I have hurt - how I have been hurt - when I was insanely stupid, vulneralbe, gullible, lucky, blessed, happy, lonely and loved.

It's like I get to make a bouquet of flowers. All the flowers from my past lay before me and I can choose which ones to put into the vase. I will take the daisies and the sunflowers, those orange ones there, that blue one, oh no! take THAT one out and . . . You get it.

I still have not forgiven myself for all of my 20s but I HAVE to look at this as a new beginning. A new chance to love, live, share and show my friends and family how important they are. My words mean it, but my actions often don't show it (hello far-away friends - i REALLY think of you a lot but am . . . going to work on it).

So - here's to new beginnings! To my 30s!

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Captain Chipmunk said...

Here's to our 30s! I haven't blogged in a while, so I think I'll take this opportunity to start writing again myself. Thanks for the inspiration!

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