Monday, December 4, 2017

How I *should* be living

Wake up! at a decent time. Let's say: 7

Huh. I already lost interest.

Well, okay:
Walk/exercise/breathe outdoor air
Remember goals
Accomplish some of those goals
Play & Create
Some form of brain edification
Communicate with the outside world

I want to go back to bed.
Oooo Gilmore Girls!


I write the wittiest thoughts!

I do write the wittiest of . . . thoughts. Yes, so often do I blog in my head! Or craft stories! I even find things strung together so beautifully in the middle of a text. How odd that these do not get published or recognized. . .

When I was a little girl I remember wishing I could write my thoughts onto a sort of ticker tape in my brain that would somehow make it out into the world. That way I would not lose the stories or, rather untimely yet surely hilarious, retorts that passed through my head. But a ticker tape inside my head would be both difficult to implant, run, maintain and somehow print. Would the paper be dispensed through my ear? Would I then need to retype the thoughts?

But they would not be lost!

Thus I ramble.

Often I think of writing things that begin with "How to Stop Sucking in 5 Days or Less" or maybe something with a legitimately positive title. Then I do not pick up a pen in time, or I do not get out my laptop. And if I do the words and thoughts seem to drift away before word or the internet finally open.

Alas clearly my remaining a non-prolific writer (and most definitely why I am an unpublished one!), is the fault of technology or ink and paper. Yes. Not me.

Not me.

Says the girl now bored of her own words.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

not a haiku

I stare out the window
I cannot find the moon
I see only the distance 
From me to you.

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