Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Rain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain . . . but the Rain in Portland? It Falls EVERYWHERE

It’s 2:04 in the morning and there is an unseasonal rain pouring outside my window. I love rain. It is one of the reasons I love Portland. People say all the time that I would probably love a break from the rain or wonder that I don’t miss the sun of sunny Southern California. Oh no, quite the contrary, I love the rainy days. Not to be mistaken with the stormy days, occasional icy days, wind or thunder storm days or the such. But a good rain, the kind that makes me wish I had a metal carport or tin roof to hear it bounce off of – that kind of rain. Right now I can hear it crash onto the lawn by my quad-plex apartment building– but I cannot see it. The downside to this apartment – I am “protected” from the rain. But I feel like I am missing out. In all my rooms before this there has been rain crashing on the window where I could watch it fall and dance. Listen to it and see the splattering patterns on the glass. But now I can just hear it and when I look outside and try to see over the bush, nothing.

I don’t actually know how seasonal or not this rain is. I don’t recall it raining like this the past two Augusts. And it is odd that a couple of days ago it was blazing hot – my fans are still in the windows. And then Monday? I had to break out my winter coat. Very odd indeed.

I told Kyle the other day that it is the wet and cloudy days that are most appealing to me and that I am much more likely to go for a walk on a day that drizzles than a gorgeous sunny one. He accused me of hating Vitamin D, but as I informed him, I take pills for that and thus, it is irrelevant if I spend the time out of doors. I know of course that it isn’t and when I do go for walks on beautiful non-sweltering hot days I am always happy but there is something amazing, calm and unique about days like yesterday or today.

When did this start? The other night I awoke to this horrific crashing noise. It lasted for what felt like at least a minute but was probably half that and it was terrifying, like a car wreck. Then silence. Eventually it roared again but not so terribly and then the rain came, falling sporadically but in a down pour each time.

I realize I have gone on in some length about rain – but I love it so much. I was lying in bed with my fancy new pillow that will supposedly improve my sleep (which is in great need of improvement) but the rain was too loud to ignore. It needed my attention and it deserved to be written about.

p.s. I still do not have the internet so it being posted much later than 2:16am, August 21, 2008 is explained by the fact that this is sadly a Word doc. But Sierra would be proud – I do not require the quick speed of the internet behind my screen to write.

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