Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Yes He Can

Can one person make a difference in this world? The other night someone said that they didn't believe that it ultimately mattered who became president - because who ever it was they would not be able to fix things - we have to fix things, they said. And they stressed that one man could not change things. I did not speak up.

So I will speak up here. One man can change the world. The famous Ghandi quote rings true here: Be the change you want to see in the world.

Obama is being that change - and he inspires me, and so many to be that too.

I just watched the 30 minute "ad" that he had made which came out tonight. Like the first time I heard him give a speech, I was left silent and with tears in my eyes. Tears of hope for a future that I do think my great grandparents believed in. When they came from Bristol, Oklahoma to Bakersfield, CA during the Dust Bowl it was with the hope for a better future.

My grandmother, with not a high school diploma, worked hard every day of her life and was so proud when my sister went to college - the FIRST in our family to actually go and graduate. She saw that there was hope, that hard work can pay off. My grandmother owned her own home, drove a good car and did what I imagine her mother wanted her to do, lived a strong life and provided for her children.

I believe in this country, I believe in its people (okay, most of them) and I believe in Barack Obama and Joe Biden. His platform hasn't changed, his motto hasn't changed, the only thing that will change is the country.

I know everyone has their opinions, but this is mine. We are lucky to have this man, this team. We are blessed to have someone who has scruples, goodness and brilliance - and also I believe humility and a sincere grasp on the importance of humanity, on the need for greater humanity, integrity and for honor to be returned to the White House and to this country.

When my friend said no one president has ever made a difference I thought, but that is not true. He said the only thing JFK did was become a martyr, he died before he could do anything. I couldn't refute him, because I don't know much about JFK and I was too disappointed in myself for not spekaing up to begin with! But he was wrong about so many other presidents he didn't say anything about FDR or LBJ, or Jimmy Carter or even the bad things that one president could do, like Reagan's impact on the mental health care system in America. One man can start the domino effect for good or bad.

I am going with Good.

John McCain is a good man, I don't mean to make disparaging comments on him personally - I am not saying he is a bad man, I am saying he is the wrong choice. He and his running mate will not help heal the country - the will help make things worse. It doesn't matter that they have done good things in their pasts (or not done them) what matters is their potential for serving the future. And they don't have what is needed to serve the future well.

Barack Obama is the right man. God Bless us with him as president and sooth the craziness of the violent and hateful people who are against him.

This is a chance for healing. A chance to actually fix things not continue to put bandages on gaping wounds.

Okay, I think I have gotten the point across.

I am humbled by Barack Obama and I am voting for him as our next President.


Stephanie said...

Very well written post! And I just so happen to agree with you on just about everything. Except that I'm not entirely certain McCain is a good person. Not after he left his injured and scarred wife for his beer heiress.

Ginny said...

A great post. I agree and I'm voting for Barack as a matter of fact!

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