Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Graduation Spring 2010

Well it looks like I can graduate in a year and a half! This is really exciting - but also scary. I have SO much to figure out for the "how to" make this happen. But I really want it to be then and not dragged out. Well part of me wants to drag it out but that is just the part of me that is afraid. Now, the problem? It will be really hard financially. And it will be absolutely crazy. I need to try to find an internship that will start in July as well.

Anyhow, I think this is the best plan. I think. I think. I think.

Other news on that, I am trying to decide what name to put on my diploma. I am thinking my professional name should be my maiden name. Ideally I will eventually change my name again (i.e., get married and take his name) but I can have a different one professionally. I am crazy and paranoid I realize but I don't want it to match that of the one people will know me as. Like clients vs friends. Just in case . . . there is really absolutely no reason to worry, but it's me and I indulge my neurosis sometimes. What to ya think?

Yay! Graduation!


Jenny said...

I think keeping your maiden name as your professional name is fine.

Also, I tagged you in a meme. See my latest blog.

Captain Chipmunk said...

I agree with Jenny. It may sound cheesy, but I saw a Suze Orman special on PBS on Women & Money and she made a big deal about how the 'name game' with women affects their identity and confidence. She made all the women in the audience stand up and say their names loudly with confidence. At first I thought it was pretty dumb, but there were women who were crying and some that just couldn't do it. She brought them up on stage and got them say their names confidently in front of the crowd. It was really moving and even opened my eyes to how I say my own name...and my name never changes with my status.

Anyway, I didn't mean to preach if I came off that way, but definitely check the show out if it ever plays again.

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