Friday, October 31, 2008

The Quest for a New and Hopefully Improved Apartment

You never realize exactly how much you love your apartment until a new landlord decides to evict you and all your neighbors with 30 days notice. An eviction that puts all of us at odds looking for the same two bedrooms in the same neighborhood. An eviction that comes right as the rains should reach a torential time in the season, all of my assignments in my crazy classes peak and just before the Holidays. Oh I'm sorry, we wanted to come up for Thanksgiving but instead we'll be moving. Maybe we can grab a fast-food Turkey sandwich. Maybe the 24 Hour House of Pancake & Steaks will serve up a holiday special.

So last night the hunt began. I drove by the many apartments I found on craigslist. I found the perfect one - sans the $200 rent increase - which makes it the, no way on earth despite it's awesomeness, apartment. I found one that looks like an unstable MC Escher painting and one that in the picture has an awesome spiral staircase but is on an incredibly busy street. There was a basement, no natural light cheap apartment but a questionable "Inn" (motel) right next store and the area is just at about the point where Portland turns into Felony Flats, land of the Prostitutes and drug runs. Yes, I am a snob.

See when I sit at my desk in the morning I look out at a pretty little unkempt yard with birds, squirrels and the kittens that unsuccessfully hunt them. I can walk to 3 different coffe shops within 6 blocks. When I go to my car I walk through the crunchy fall leaves of a beautifully tree-lined street. Of course there is the mold growing do to poor ventilation (?) in my apartment, the fact that it is freezing cold and that the bathtub has a gaping hole above it - but the rent is cheap, location awesome, trees pretty and did I mention I can look out a giant window and read or write at my desk?

Also I have to sale my beloved dresser. I love this 250lb 6 foot long dresser. But poor Kyle has moved this dresser for me 3x already and this would make 4. Seriously I love this dresser but it has to go, especially if I get a 2 story apartment. Or if I don't get an apartment at all.

I am whining I realize.

Well, back to work for reals this time!!


Ginny said...

Heather my heart goes out to you, it really does, because this sucks. You whine all you want to, here is a shoulder to whine on. :)

I'm going to be in the same boat eventually. I'm divorcing so I have to find a new place of my own by spring. It's gonna be a challenge!

What doesn't kill us makes us stronger right? :)

Captain Chipmunk said...

The commute will suck, but we have two extra rooms in Palmdale available. :)

Anonymous said...

Hi how are you? I just wanted to stop by and say hello. I don't want to be a stranger so here ... a hug and a kiss for you!

I hope you are well and happy like me :)

Jenny said...

:( SO sorry to hear this news. It is awful that something so disruptive has come at such an inopportune time. Best wishes as you find something new.

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