Thursday, January 29, 2009

Self-Pity Be Damned!

For 2 days I have been unable to do anything. Literally, anything. I have watched tv or stared blankly into space. Occasionally started to cry but have not been able to maintain interest in even that. When I did bother to think it was pathetic and pitiful thoughts. Often thinking of what my life "should have been" and of all of the great and exciting lives of other people. People I grew up with. People who went to better colleges, or pursued their dreams ACTIVELY, people who APPEAR to be living the life of their dreams. And me? I stay in my hermitage, wasting all of this time. Unable to get myself to leave the house, to study, to look at this amazing city I live in - I let myself feel overwhelmed because I believe that not a thing will get done because I cannot get myself to do it and thus all of the projects which loom over me - the real deadlines will not be met. When I start do something I just slip back into the void of nothing that has become me. I am sick of it.

Kyle thinks that things like facebook have been a bad influence - in part because in this state of pathetic self-pity I am not reflective on the goodness of life, the good fortunate of others or how we each carve out our own lives and destinies. How dreams change and how part of growing up is knowing that plans are never set in stone but move and grow and alter. Instead they are about my seeming failures and how behind I feel, how I let my dreams die - and not recently but many years ago. How I went to a less respectable university than I had dreamed of, how I did not pursue writing, how I go to a graduate school that provide a good education (with most all of my classes) but is nonetheless not noteworthy in and of itself. And I mean this in the bigger flashy sense. The sense that does not REALLY matter except in my green mind of random and childish jealousy. How I compare my responses to things in class and feel aware of their inadequacies when I listen to the intelligent responses of others. Even when they are things I have done professionally and others haven't - how much better theirs sound. It feels disappointing. It feels pathetic.

And so I beat myself up and briefly whine to Kyle and I mope. That and this god awful depression that I let own me. I do, I allow it ownership in my life. And I am sick of it. Sick of it all. I complain that I am so unsuccessful and have done nothing noteworthy. Which is an insult to those I love and to anything I have done. It says, "this life, you who are in my life - not good enough." Which I don't feel at all. I have put myself in the cave and can only see the shadows and I have chained myself to this view - I have mistaken appearance for reality and let myself stop living.

This is a life not worth observing - that is not the life I have been given. Not the life I have been blessed with. It is the shadows I have embraced and the untruth I have make truth. And it has to stop.


Jenny said...

I hear you, Heather.

For what it's worth, I did go to a flashy graduate school and felt the same way you did - inadequate, and wondering why they let me in. And now I've graduated from them with a decent GPA and all and I can't find a job and have been stuck in this awful limbo for the last two years. At least from my perspective, my life is not all glamor.

But maybe you're not talking about me!

The Princess Abdicated said...

As we talked yesterday about how it is to go through something like this I heard a change in your voice, a change that said " I know I'm a good persona and I know that I'm worthy of all that I've been blessed with" and I was happy to hear it. This blog is a great outlet for you and I'm glad you have it. Just remember that you're a wonderful person, and we all love you for who you are, and not for any other reason. So when you start to feel down remember you're loved, and that you're doing this all for you and not for anyone else your success is not gauged on others it's gauged on whether or not you accomplish your end goal.

Anonymous said...

Have not heard from you in a while. I know the feeling that you are going through. It is painful to look at the successes of others. However, you are a success in your own way as you are, like me, overcoming your illness everyday.

I don't live in a spotlight either, However as individuals we should be and are loved for who we are. Pleae keep your head up and hope to hear from you soon.

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