Saturday, January 17, 2009


Sometimes you receive small gems in your simple day. Like you were just going about your average hum drum existence and then you realize something, like little "a-ha's" that dance in your thoughts. You experience small, significant, interesting, unique or simply exquisite moments that stand out. 

This has been a day with many of those moments.

Crisp air through a slightly cracked door.
Devestatingly good chocolate chip and cream cheese muffins.
The way sunlight falls through a window even when it seems that it shouldn't reach. 
The sincere smile and kind, kind words of a friend as you try to simultaneously wipe away tears and mascara on a rough cafe napkin. 
The eyes and laugh of a new friend as they tell an antecdote so fantastic that it results in your choking on water.
The gift of a piece of someone's history tucked into your thoughts - bestowed like a secret present, even though it isn't so much a secret as a window.
The look of your cat as she seems to be inhaling the world around her & yet moving with the precision of an animatronic kitty. 
A book so exquisitely written that you want to both savor and devour it at the same time because it is like poetry and the characters are alive and feel like flesh and blood. 

Like little blinks when you look at the sun and you see light picking up the smallest of particles or blotting out certain parts of your view. That's what these moments are. Blinks. 

I love to understand this (like you understand how the moon rises at night but don't really understand the science), how these moments when strung together to make up life. A reality grounded in the promise that there is always something magical in existence - even when you are sitting under grey and cavernous clouds for a very long time. 

Blinks that, whether they are merely a reprieve or a promise of better days, give you hope. 


Jenny said...

:) I'm thankful you've had these blinks! I want the same ones you had so I can experience them, too!

Jenny said...

:) I'm thankful you've had these blinks! I want the same ones you had so I can experience them, too!

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