Monday, January 12, 2009

Day 752,003

In the infamous description of time by some character in Sand Lot: 

I have been depressed FOR-EV-ERRRRR. (as noted by the number of days in the title)

Malaise, turned blah, turned blah-er, turned curled up on the couch eating soup and watching Joan of Arcadia. 

Efforts made: Not to cry
Efforts of productivity made: Trying to do laundry - does laundry really involve trying? Apparently it does. For me.

Must. Stop. Being. Depressed. 

Where's my tunnel? Because I hear there are lights at the ends of those.


Jenny said...

It's an effort for me to do laundry, too.

The Princess Abdicated said...

I've been "trying" to do laundry for like a month, the only reason it is getting done right now is because I have to wash all my sweaters to take to Colorado with me. If not I'd still be making the effort, and not succeeding. I think once things have leveled out with school and you find the Job you want that you will be fine and that there will be a lot of light.

mle said...

never underestimate the accomplishment of doing laundry. seriously. and getting dressed. also an accomplishment.

thinking of you with a lot of love and support.

Stephanie said...

I almost never do laundry if I can help it, so yes, it is an effort and an accomplishment!

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