Saturday, September 25, 2010

"disclaimer from a since moved blog-posting"

**Disclaimer - stories regarding events of childhood - and even their potential or actual impact on adulthood are not intended to drag the name of perfectly fine adults through some proverbial mud. I do not hold ill will to people or behaviors from childhood, but our actions influence who we grow up to be. I believe our experiences, our stories, impact who we are - but so does conscious choices. What we do with them, those experiences, is what matters now and next. Negative, positive, or mixed, they are pieces of a larger picture and ultimately it's like a a mosaic.*


Peeling Orange said...

Indeed, as long as the mosaic doesn't break though during those years.
Then everything is worth it and doesn't deserve regrets.

Anonymous said...

I find that the mosaic breaks and then when, hopefully, you get to pick up the pieces - shattered as they might be - you add them to the mosaic. I probably should not say that all that matters is what we do with them because, yes it is really true to a degree we have to choice what defines us and where we go, but it isn't that easy. It makes it sound like a platitude, like "everything happens for a reason" and I can't believe that. Everything happens, and sometimes we break and hurt, and we carry them with us, even if we stuff them deep inside, and they influence us but don't have to own us. Out of context this is sounding crazy. Anyway, are there posts on your blog and I just can't get to them?

heather said...

oops. not anonymous, rather, heather pf this blog. :)

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