Saturday, February 7, 2009

Change. Stay. What? No. Change. Stay. Scream? Yes.

I am in a huge career confusion. I am looking into transferring / applying to be a School Counselor instead of a Marriage & Family Therapist. Yes, my dream of MFT pushed to the wayside for a sudden (huge) shift. I mean same school etc., only taken a few extra classes so far that don't count. And to switch the number of classes left actually decreases but nonetheless this is HUGE. And the question comes up, will they let me transfer? Will they see this as a sign of instability or flakiness and "suspend me" (kick me out!)? Or will they just say, you've been an excellent student so far (because I have) and if this is where your heart is, let's make it work. What are the chances of THAT one?

The funny thing is everyone I mention this to says the same, or a similar thing. They say it fits, it makes sense, they wonder why I didn't think of this before. They don't say negative things at all or that they doubt I could be an MFT but just how much sense this makes. As one friend said, it is when I talk about teens that I light up. And she's right. I get animated and excited because there is no population I would rather serve. And in a school? I would love that.

How did I not see this? I was so dead set.

Okay, back to work. Just because these classes don't count if I switch doesn't mean I am allowed to slack off - they're still important!! Though I am enjoying them less - and was before this idea struck - this epiphany. Not enjoying psychopathology? THAT is insane. But true.


The Princess Abdicated said...

I think you would be great at it :) I think you would make an absolutely wonderful School counselor. I'm sure the school will not penalize you for your change in direction. Sometimes it take a few extra classes before you realize that what you wanted to do isn't what you still want to do (did that make sense LOL) either way when you finally figure out what you want to be when you "grow up" It really takes a huge weight off our shoulders. Here's to you and your new direction :)

Jenny said...

Heather, truly as I was reading the first paragraph, I was thinking, "Yes! How could this option not have been thought of before!!" I think it's brilliant and that you'd be brilliant at doing it. I whole heartedly back you if you ask to transfer. If they give you a hard time, remind them that you pay them to go there! :)

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