Thursday, November 6, 2008

Deposit is Down - Moving to Commence 11/30

What's that about a sweet 2 story, 2 bedroom, 1 bath townhome with a patio off each bedroom, giant closets, a pantry, a washer / drier, a dishwasher and a large patio off the living-space (no divide for a dining room) looking out at the pool? Oh, it's my new apartment? NICE.

Location isn't ideal. No pretty leaves outside like now and really no parking (1 spot) and a crazy busy street with no on-block parking - unless you don't mind being hit by buses or being towed. BUT fortunately I will be IN the apartment more than dealing with all that, once the car is parked that is.

It's really nice and the rent is only going up $25 from what I pay now. Well $12.50 each technically. :)

Now, just need to pack and move. Ugh.


Jenny said...

:) Congratulations. May the parking gods be with you!

mle said...

so are you and the roommate gonna draw straws for the parking spot? yikes.

i'm really happy you found somewhere to live, though. having your home ripped out from under you is no fun.

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