Friday, February 11, 2011

My New but Not Replacement Blog

I have created a new blog that does NOT replace this one, for it has a totally different purpose. It is an introduction to My Army of Imaginary Friends.

It can be found at: It can be found at:
(sorry my blog won't let me post this as a link. bad blogger! bad!)

Here is my post that explains what it is:

I have decided, well, a lot of things, but for the purposes of this page we will start with my decision to create: My Army of Imaginary Friends. MAOIF is going to be awesome. If I were the sort to use this word, and I have only ever used it as a mock or joke before, but if I WERE the sort I would say: MAOIF will be epic! It will be legendary. In fact, wait . . . I just started to build it (in my head) and it IS already awesome.

The thing about it though is that my super cool and freakishly awesome imaginary friends are "real" people, but since I don't actually know most of them, they're only "imaginary" friends.

This Army is created primarily of people who I think would:

1. Totally get my sense of humor (it's my army, so it starts with my needs)

2. Be so hilarious that they would stop all non-hilarious and sad or tragic things in the world just by their mere existence

3. Definitely be able to combine their awesome, to produce the first Puppy-Sized Elephant.

YOU may be in my army and just not know it. I am accepting recommendations for members. Currently there are only like 10 so I have some room.

And now I'll go back to my currently ├╝ber uncool life to study.

That's it! I am introducing new, or already existing and just not listed/named members when I can. Currently I have listed 4 but in only 3 announcements (posts).

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